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To turn your business ideas, dreams and goals into reality, The Business Alchemist is here to help.

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30-minute Strategy & Accountability Call Each Month – planned in advance by the team.

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Barry opens his ‘Little Black Book’ with Direct Introductions to his Team and People Who Can Help you Achieve Your Goals and Get Stuff Done Fast!

Exclusive VIP Email Hotline to Barry and His Team of Experts for fast response and support.
Helping business owners in SME companies drive stellar growth through strategic and sales innovation, Barry Allaway, is a Non-Exec Director, is known as the Business Alchemist and is a highly sought after Sales Funnel Strategist, Business and Marketing expert..

“I would recommend Barry to anyone looking for opportunities to progress their business or personal goals.”
– Andrew Earles – Principle at Future Perfect

He heads a handpicked team of experienced professionals who can help you turn ideas into profits and growth.

Working as a non-executive director and business growth consultant, Barry helps SMEs implement strategies that turn ideas into profit and growth.

Bringing over 35 years’ experience in senior management, Barry has been a sought after consultant for the last five years. Called in to advise a range of industries (both B2B and B2C), Barry has helped start-ups through to £500m turnovers (in the UK and overseas) deliver results.

In addition to his extensive management background, Barry also has first-hand experience of running and developing businesses.

He was the Managing Director of two major PLC’s, Joint Venture for over ten years, while at the same time running a variety of projects with other business colleagues and family.

“I sat down with Barry for 2 hours to plan how I am going to grow my 2 businesses in the next 12 months. I must say it was the most productive and insightful 2 hours ever. At the end of it I had a clear idea of where I am going and exactly what I need to do to get there. Barry picked out all the info he needed from me and showed me many opportunities I had not realised were there – and then guided me through them, talking through various options, strategies and ideas.

“I came away with a clear plan, a list of things to do and for the first time I have clarity on my goals. I would 100% recommend that anyone who is serious about growing their business invest in spending time with Barry – his insight, skills, diverse range of strategies and track record is outstanding.

“I can’t wait to get stuck into the plan Barry created for me and start working with him”
– Edwina Silver – Linkedin Coach and Connexions Networking Founder